Sunday, July 12, 2009

How Swine Flu-ent Are You ?

So I decided to join the crowd and talk swine flu. It was the first thing that came to my mind when the editors of Funoon magazine asked for a contribution. I made this drawing along with an article named "Swine in-Flu-ence".

I wanted to make the drawing simple and easy to understand so I intended to use comics art. This drawing is a good example of how beatiful & powerful comics can be. It shows a group of people running behind a pig to make a tasty dinner out of it. All of the sudden the pig goes "Hatchoo". Then we see that the situation has been reversed and now the pig (which obviously got infected with swine flu) is chasing the people to get his revenge.

To view the third edition of Funoon magazine click here


sadeq said...

haha serves them right for eating pigs XD

Firyal said...

i like the drawing! simple o clean!
Never heard 3n Funoon magazine…will download it tw o check!

Hearty said...

@Sadeq: lol I dont think they would want to eat it again after this chase.

@Firyal: Thanks for passing by and hope you liked Funoon Magazine. For your information its issued by the BankMuscat Arts Committee which I'm a member of.

Faith said...

lOoL CUTE drwaing

kel 3am w enta b5air =p

3eed Mubarek

Faith said...
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Malvika Asher said...

this is excellent! :)
I'm from Oman, too and it's so nice to see work like this! well done this made me laugh for a good 15 minutes.

Hearty said...

Hi Malvika. I'm glad that you liked it. Nothing beats drawing a smile onother peoples faces =)

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