Friday, July 10, 2009

Flu Away

So I already started my summer vacation this week and guess where I am now ? You could describe it as being at the centre of the action. More hints ? It’s where swine flu has been spreading like crazy. That’s right, its London. It has been 3 days since my arrival and I already started having a blast. I’m really enjoying the cool weather and the heavy rains. And I'm certainly NOT missing the crazy heat & the awful humidity of Oman.

A lot of people advised me to cancel the trip and avoid going to London to prevent myself from being swine-flued. I can't say I didn’t think about it, but c'mon ... its my vacation !! I didn’t wanna ruin it by spending it in Oman or go to Dubai for the 10000th time. Hell no, this time it had to be different. That’s why I had to go despite the risk.

The first thing we did when we reached Heathrow airport was to wear surgical masks to protect us from the flu. Everybody was giving us these odd & funny looks. We were being laughed at, not only because we were the only ones wearing the masks in the airport, but also because the masks were different than the unusual ones. It made us look like ducks.. or shall i say travelling ducks ? the situation was hilarious and embarrassing at the same time. I’m planning to make a drawing about it soon when I get the time.

In the other hand, the new issue of Funoon e-magazine just came out. I contributed with an article & a drawing just like the last time. The subject of the article was "Swine in-Flu-ence". yup, Swine flu again. Keep an eye for my next post to see it all.

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Khair said...

rlly nice draawing !!
keeep it upp =]
waiting for more :D