Friday, June 12, 2009

First Choice

Last week my father told me about this painting competition that is being organized by the company he works for, DHL. The competition was for the families of the staff & the theme was the following: First Choice expressed without words in your form of art. I couldn't resist & decided to participate immediately. Basically I had to make a drawing that explains why DHL should always be your first choice. After a little chit-chat with dad i came up with this idea.

The drawing shows four postmen working for four different companies & each one of those postman is in the middle of his job doing a delivery to a customer's door so they are being imagined from the customer's eye-view. The first postman in the upper left has this angry & scary look. It gives the impression he is not enjoying his job much. In the upper right the postman is holding too many boxes & is being nervous. It shows how unprofessional & amateur he is.

In the lower left we see a lazy postman enjoying his power-nap while waiting for the customer to open the door. Only if he knew the customer did that long time ago and took a picture of him in that position to post it on facebook. At last, in the lower right we see the confident, professional & super trust-worthy DHL employee. He is on time as usual and looking more handsome and shinny than ever.

Unfortunately, my drawing didn't win. some other drawing that was involved with Cyclone Gonu was the winning one. Apparently it showed how DHL Oman was up few days after the cyclone Gonu while others weren't available. i didn't see the drawing myself but i think it deserves winning since it had a much better idea than mine. better luck for me next time i guess.


mehdi said...

masha2llah mubdi3 .. =)

Hearty said...

Thanks for passing by Mehdi.

How is you facebook page doing ? hope you have more fans by now ;)