Sunday, May 3, 2009

S.O.S. From the Earth

This drawing was part of an article named "S.O.S. From the Earth". It talked about the dangers of plastic bags & how harmful they can be to the environment. The article was written by me & it came out on the 2nd issue of Funoon E-Magazine which is issued by BankMuscat Arts committee.

The drawing shows a plastic bag trying to cut down the "Earth" tree while "Animal" fruits are falling from the tree. It also shows some humans helping out the bag. Its drawn on paper with pencil then inked & after that i added some photoshop touches. the last part of the article says "It shows how human beings are contributing with the use of plastic bags to the destruction of the earth environment in spite of an enormous resistance by the earth. But for how long ? even the earth's resistance has a limit."

You can check out the whole article below :

To view the 2nd issue of Funoon E-Magazine click here


Maitham said...

Good job bro..
Hope to see more of your work on newspapers and magazines.. This is a good start..
Keep up the good work!

Hearty said...

Thanks alot bro :)