Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Smoky Ride

This is one of the five drawings i made for the caricature contest of Muscat Festival last year. The contest had two categories: Anti-Smoking & Environmental Cleanliness. All the five drawings I made were for the Anti-Smoking Category. The winning drawings were to be shown in the Caricature Gallery in Qurm Park during the festival. unfortunately none of my drawings made it to the gallery.

The drawing shows a group of smokers enjoying a ride on the back of their favorite buddy Mr. Cigarette. Not telling them where they're headed to, Mr.Cigarette is taking the smokers to "Death" Land. I had to translate this drawing since the original one was in Arabic. Of course i couldn't translate it literally otherwise it would sound awful in English, so i had to change it a little bit .

The characters i made in the drawing are wearing the national Omani dress "The Dishdasha". Same goes for all the other drawings i made for the contest since the audience of the gallery was Omani. I will be posting the rest of the drawings one by one after I translate them to English.

Click on the image below to view the original Arabic version of the drawing :


Khair said...

Keeep it fooo8 ^^
very nice drawing with a very nice meaning =]

Ballerina said...

nice:),but why don't you color ur drawings shweya :P!!

Hearty said...

Shukraaaaaan cousin =D.

Thanks Dear. The reason I didn't color this drawing & the rest of the anti-smoking drawings is because one of the contest requirement was the black & wait style in this category. The reason why am not coloring my other drawings is th.. ummm, i will not spoil it. soon you'll see a post that will explain it all. so be patient ;)

Maitham said...

Good work bro.. Hey wasn't this in some competition or exihibition? did it win anything?

P.S. LoL you should show this to dad hehe

Hearty said...

it was in a computation indeed and its mentioned in the post so you really should be reading the post not just the drawing :p ..

and i already showed it to dad .. but no use i guess .. you know how smokers are !!