Saturday, May 2, 2009

Beginning of A New Life

Hello & welcome to my first blog ever "life in a sketchbook".

As an intro I'd like to explain why i gave the blog this name.

Unlike reality, life in a sketchbook is pretty easy & simple. There are no rules or restrictions in here & nobody will be telling you what to do. Anyone can be whoever they want to be. Happiness,Sadness, Fear & Anger these are the seasons around the year in here.

This place is where i will be sharing my sketchbook life with you guys & its also where I'm going to practice & learn to be a better artist. Of course that cant be done without your help so I'll be waiting for your comments & you should criticize me whenever you feel its necessary because that's how I'll learn from my mistakes.

Now, shall we begin ?


Gaby said...

Hi,I just wanted to wish you good look with your blog, I started one yesterday too ( -in spanish because i am from Venezuela-). Cool drawing by the way, is that yourself?
I like to draw too :)
Well, hope you enjoy bloging :)

ballerina said...

lol..he looks like you except that your real eyes and eyebrows are much better ;).. goood luck hearty and wish you learn the best out of this!

Hearty said...

Thanks a lot. Wishing you the same on your new blog. I really like it but only if i understood Spanish :(. And yes its me ( or its supposed to be me :p ) Since you have the interest you to should start posting your drawings in a blog so that you get encouraged & start drawing more. Thanks again for passing by & don't be a stranger.

Hiiiiiiiiiii & lots of Thankies dear for your sweet comment. How come you didn't like my new roundy eyes & my crazy eyebrows, its the best thing that ever happened to me in a sketchbook =D. Bookmark this okay i wanna see your comment on every post i publish =).

Maher said...

greatt !! waiting for more sketches =]

Ballerina said...

coz i always go for the original stuff :P

hehe inshalla :)

Anonymous said...

لوول عاد ما حواجب

Maitham said...

Congrats bro..
I'm glad u finally opened up ur artistic side to the whole world.. For many years we enjoyed ur funny sketches, but now it's open for everyone else to see.. This is a good motivator for to work on ur artisitic side, but don't let it take ur focus from other things (video game hehe)
Wish u all the best bro..
keep it up

Hearty said...

Thanks a lot bro ..

And don't worry about my "Gaming" side .. it has always been there & it wont be disappearing any time soon ;).

Khair said...

gd joooob =D
keeep it up up !!
waiting for more sketchs ^^
gd luuuuuuck =]

Imran said...

keep up the good work cousin. I hope this will the first of many projects to come. Maybe you can arrange with one of the local newspapers or magazines to publish your drawings and sketches on weekly or monthly bases.

wish you all the best

Hearty said...

Khair :
Thanks alot Khair =) . look out for more posts inshallah.

Thanks Imran & just to let you know, I'm quite excited about this blog. Its a place that I finally found where i can express myself & practice my hobby freely. no excuses this time, i have to do this. so stay tuned. I have a drawing that came out on the funoon magazine & hopefully I'll have other opportunities in the near future.

BaderMQ said...

Good work , keep it up .
i really like your style :)

Hearty said...

Thanks alot bader.

you too should re-discover your drawing talents. your drawings were really good back at that time.I still remember the MGS drawing :).

Don't let it vanish dude.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Im Vinoth. Hats off to your creativity. Keep making more.

Hearty said...

Vinoth :
Many thankies to you. Look out for more of my work soon :)